9 Reasons to Visit Rincon, PR

9 Reasons to Visit Rincon, PR

Reasons to Visit Rincon, PR

I’m going to try and keep this Throwback Thursday short and sweet, but I’m sure it is going to be difficult. On a ski trip with a friend and her friends, we met Tommy, who owned a condo in Rincon, PR. He kept telling us how great it was, and we started to think we should visit. In April 2010, we went with our good friends, the DeVitas and had an awesome time. The following year, we went with them again and they got engaged on Steps beach! In 2014, we decided to get married there for a destination wedding. Now I am here to share the 9 reasons to visit Rincon, PR!

1. It’s a Hidden Gem

I almost didn’t want to write this, because I want it to be our little secret, but after sharing it for our wedding, I want more people to experience how great this is. This place is a hidden gem, which is one of the reasons to visit Rincon, PR. When I tell people we come here, they always ask if it is near San Juan. I have to explain it is a different world than San Juan. When we have gone, we show up at the beach and joke how crowded it is…because there are 10 other people there.

Beaches: Reasons for visiting Rincon, PR2. Many Beach Options! 

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make while visiting here is which beach to visit! Very stressful, I know! First ask yourself what you are looking for. Want a great swimming beach with waves? Sandy beach is where you want to go. Want to collect sea glass and go snorkeling? Steps beach is great for that! Like to surf? Head over to Maria’s beach. Can’t make up your mind? It is not a big place, so you can visit a few in one day!

3. Great places to stay!

Even though there are a lot of transplants from the US who live here, it is not a super touristy spot. You won’t see many recognizable hotels, high rises, or tourist trap spots. Most people who live here, live here year round, or at least during surf season. I recommend getting a place with a kitchen while you are here. Get a feel for what it is like to live in Rincon.

  • Airbnb – Click on that link to use my code and get $35 off your first trip!
  • Puntas Penthouse – This is where we have stayed a few times! Walking distance to Sandy Beach, Barefoot Yoga, Tamboo, Pool Bar and more!
  • Villa’s for rent – There are many affordable places to rent here, whether you are with 1 person or 10. Get a group of friends or family members together and get a place on the beach. You won’t regret it!
view of sandy beach from puntas penthouse -
View from Punta’s Penthouse

4. Get a foreign experience without needing a passport!

Don’t have a passport? That’s okay to travel here! Puerto Rico is a US territory, which means you do not need a passport or Visa to visit. Just pack your bags, book your flight and off you go!

5. Unique places to eat and drink

  • Pool Bar Sushi – This spot feels like it is in the middle of a jungle in a tree house, around a lit up swimming pool, surf videos playing, and sushi! So chill and great!
  • Tamboo Bar & Seaside Grill – This place was in walking distance for us, and we loved it because it was right off the beach. Walk right on over in your bathing suit and have a rum drink under the deck for coverage from the sun, or go upstairs to the deck for a great view. We liked getting the appetizer sampler each time.
  • Villa Cofresci – We had our rehearsal dinner here, and it was a great fresh spread. We love to get the El Pirata drink here, which is a rum drink in a coconut! The night of our rehearsal dinner, they had karaoke going on which added to the fun!
  • Roadside tacos – You will see many taco trucks on the main roads here. I suggest you stop and get some. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Shipwreck Bar & Grill – I had my first taste of mofongo here and it was SO good!

6. Many fun things to do!

  • Sunset Cruise – We sailed with Katarina Sail Charters on our 2nd trip here at sunset. It was a great deal. $50/person got you the 2? Hour ride, mixed drinks, beers, fruit, cheese and crackers, and an excellent captain. Oh and the sunset!
  • Pintos R Us – A great way to see this part of the island is on horseback! I love horses, so we took a ride one night and galloped on the beach!
  • Barefoot yoga – This, by far, is one of my favorite reasons to visit Rincon, PR. I don’t care if you’ve never done yoga before. Come here! Their studio is right off the beach, under a canopy of trees. So serene listening to the waves crash off in the distance while you practice yoga. Joy and her team are awesome! Don’t forget to stop by the Barefoot Bodega!


7. Wonderful Local Places to Shop!

  1. Puntas Bakery – We found a great spot by accident, where we would buy fresh bread from. I’m drooling now thinking of it!
  2. Mango Beach Shop – This is such a cute place across the street from Sandy beach. They sell their own sea glass jewelry here, along with many other gifts. If you are lucky, they also might have some puppies for adoption too!
  3. Econo – This spot is right in town, convenient for most items. Don’t forget to scoop up some passion fruit juice and frying cheese! Mmm!
  4. Fruit stands – You will also see these on the side of the road. Stop in for some fresh produce, including some fruits you won’t see state side as often.
  5. Sam’s club – For a more affordable, bulk option for larger groups, I would recommend heading to Sam’s Club in Mayaguez. We got a day pass there since none of us had a membership.

8. Sunsets! Need I say more?

Rincon is on the west coast of Puerto Rico, and there is no shortage of sunsets! Sandy beach, Villa Cofresci, sunset cruise…all great spots!

9. Great Place to get Married!

One of the best reasons to visit Rincon, PR is to get married there! When we were fed up with the wedding planning ordeal, we decided to get married in Rincon. We didn’t have to meet with 100 vendors, do cake tastings, and other meetings to plan. We simply e-mailed and phoned our wedding planner to pull everything together.  Our photographer, Rafael Sotomayor, captured all the right moments and gave us some priceless memories to last a lifetime. The weather also made for an amazing sunset!

Keep in mind, this is based on our travels here. I’m sure there are many other great things to do in this area that we just haven’t explored yet! New spots open all the time, and we cannot wait to go back and explore more things to do beyond the reasons to visit Rincon, PR that I just gave.

9 reasons to visit rincon, pr


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