My husband and I at bradley international airport, with all our luggage, ready to travel the USA
My husband and I setting of to travel the USA for a year!

ย About Me

Welcome to my travel blog! My name is April Rodrigues, and my husband and I set our to travel the USA in September 2016. ย We packed up our belongings, and set out in search of our new home. On our travels, we have also been able to cross of some bucket list locations as well. I started writing this blog as a way to share our adventure with our friends and family members. The blog quickly became so much more than that! Through our travels, I realized that by writing about our experiences, I could also help other travelers. In my blog you will find suggestions on places to visit, where to stay, things to do, food and drink reviews, and other travel advice!

Follow us While we Travel the USA

Our first few stops on our travel around the USA included Texas, San Diego, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Florida. After Florida, we explored New Orleans, Arizona, Southern Utah, Washington, Oregon, Charleston, Nashville and Colorado. We will be spending most of the summer in New England with friends and family, and will continue on to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida for the rest of our trip. Stay tuned for many more posts on some of the places listed above, as well as the places we have yet to visit!

While on our adventure travelling the USA, I have also written a book on ways to stay fit while traveling. This is something I was very worried about before starting our trip. I found it did not have to be difficult! Being creative with finding ways to exercise in each new location has helped us to stick to a budget and stay healthy.

Our goal is to work remotely, cross off bucket list items, help other travelers and eventually find our new home! Through blogging, I hope to help other travelers with itinerary planning, packing essentials, as well as how to stay fit on the road. ย The purpose of my blog is to share my adventures and provide tips for those looking to travel the USA! I hope you enjoy!


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