A Thanksgiving Throwback

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’d like to express my thanks to the people who have helped me to catch the travel bug and keep it going. This blogging journey has been quite the learning experience and I keep getting inspired to write about new experiences. My to-do list is getting really long behind the scenes! Something I’ve decided I’m going to start doing is a Throwback Thursday series where I’ll write about past trips we have gone on. As I look back on old photos, I realized that we have gone to a lot of cool places that I never really wrote about. My main reason for keeping this blog is to share my experiences, inspire others to travel more, and hopefully offer some helpful advice! So today’s Throwback Thursday is to give thanks to those who made this all possible!

When I was growing up, we did not have a lot of money to travel, but that was okay because we had a great life living on the lake, playing with our neighbors, and going on adventures in the woods. The people who really made travel possible for us as kids was my amazingly generous grandparents. When they retired, they got an awesome motor home, traveled all over the country, and took us along on several trips. Some memorable vacations with them included my first flight to Disney, road trip to Washington DC, and visit to White Mountains to stay at the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire. I would say I would have to attribute my love of traveling to my grandparents. Between going on several trips with them and hearing about their road trip adventures, the travel bug was caught.

The person I have to thank the most for keeping my travel bug dreams alive is my husband, Tiago. We like to call ourselves a team, partners in crime. On our first date we discussed places we want to travel to, stories of our past travels, and of course our favorite foods. I think we both knew we met our perfect match, because two foodies who love to travel while going with the flow, was just the perfect recipe. Tiago has been great to travel with because we make such a great team. I will do the research, he gives input. I keep us organized, he leads the way. I help us stay safe and he makes sure we let loose and try new things. Leaving my job was really hard for me, not just financially but it gave me a sense of purpose. He has been super supportive in making sure we could financially do this, realizing my need for spiritual and entrepreneurial soul searching, and encouraging me to pursue the ideas we have both brainstormed about. To have someone believe in you, more than you believe in yourself is a true gift.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends, family and followers all across the world. Be sure to give gratitude to the people and opportunities in your life today, all day, every day.



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  1. I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERE WONDERFUL THE FIRST TIME YOU COPIED MY FISH FACE. This was a wonderful story and Grandpa & I are so happy & grateful to have you and now Tiago. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Talk to you soon about coming up here. We were in The Villages with the Buthrays until Sat. P.M.. Love you Grandma .


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