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The day has finally come! I am a published author! What?! So for those of you who have been following along with my travel blog, you have all seen that I can write…a LOT! Well I took my love of traveling, writing, and fitness and wrote a book about staying fit on the road!

book cover

The book is now available on Amazon Kindle, so get your copy today! The Female Vagabond’s Guide for Staying Fit on the Road.

Please note that you do NOT need a Kindle to read my book. You can simply get the Kindle App for your ipad, tablet, or laptop. There is also a desktop reader as well! Eventually I will make this into a paperback too.

After a few months on our trip, I was feeling a bit down on myself for being unemployed. Yes, both my husband and I decided that I would have to leave my job for this trip around the USA as vagabonds and I was ok with it at the time. But after a few months of just writing a blog, I was feeling pretty inadequate, considering I have always had some type of a job since I was 12 years old. I decided to get on UpWork and apply for some Freelance jobs online to make some money. I even applied to be a ghost writer for someone else’s book. As I waited to hear if I was going to be selected, my husband basically asked why I would do that when I could write my own book.

What? Me? Writing my own book? No, I’m not a…..wait of course I am writer! I have tons of blog posts with thousands of views, I enjoy writing, sharing, and educating. Ok! Yea I can do that! But what would I write about? The more I thought about it, I realized something easy for me to write about would be fitness related, and since I am travelling, why not write about staying fit on the road?! And so the writing adventure began!

I really thought I could spit out a basic book in a few weeks and start selling it, but the more my perfectionist work ethic kicked it, the writing grew longer, the editing process was taking up a lot of time, and the months dragged on. I also decided to add pictures to the exercises to make them easier to follow, which added a lot more time for photo shoots, uploading and editing.

When I was just about done, I splurged and paid someone to read and edit my book for me, while keeping my fingers crossed that she didn’t find it to be a complete disaster. After I got her feedback, my confidence was boosted a bit! I was able to make some minor corrections, delete areas where I was being redundant, and got one step closer to being a published author!

When I thought I was 99% done, I kept making edits, putting it into Kindle previewer, and continued to make minor edits, until it was close enough to being ready. When everything looked as good as I was able to make it, I pressed the button. SUBMIT. Cue butterflies in the stomach. Was Amazon going to accept it? Was I just going to waste 100s of hours of work on this? In less than 8 hours, I got an email saying my book was LIVE! AH!!!!!!!!! Instantly got really nervous! What are people going to think? Are there going to be tons of typos I missed? Are my fitness friends going to think my info is garbage? Was anyone going to read it? Does anyone even care? “Ok April knock it off,” I keep trying to tell myself!

Well here we are! The butterflies haven’t stopped, but a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders, and I cannot wait for people to read, take my tips on their next travel adventure, and help better their lives! I hope you enjoy the book, and can have at least 1 thing to take away to help you maintain your fitness and well-being while you travel.

If you could, please leave a review after you read the book, which will help boost my ratings on Kindle and make the book more visible for people who are interested in this topic. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me at!

Happy Reading!


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