8 of My Favorite Travel Essentials

8 of My Favorite Travel Essentials

In my FAQs post, I discussed some of the stuff we added to our packing list, but I thought I would share more about my favorite travel essentials! Since we are traveling for such a long time, we needed to bring things that we wouldn’t normally bring on a trip. With my husband working from home, he needed things such as laptops, keyboard, cords, and his xbox. No…the xbox is not essential haha, but it is our way of watching tv while we are on the road! We chose to purchase some backpacks with multiple pockets to carry these items while keeping hiking in mind as well. I hope that these items are helpful to add to your vacation packing list or for those of you who like to travel and/or like to exercise in the great outdoors!

1. High Sierra Loop Backpack

I purchased the High Sierra Loop Backpack, because I am frugal, but also practical. I liked the variety of pockets, water bottle holder, add on options, and its light weight. My only regret is that I got the color with white in it because it is just not so white anymore with all of our outdoor activities!

2. Ogio Stratagem Backpack

It was more important for Tiago to get a more sturdy bag that would hold and protect both of his lap tops, cords, and xbox. We went to Staples and found the Ogio Stratagem Backpack and purchased it on Amazon.

3. Dohm White Noise Maker

One of our favorite travel essentials is our Dohm White Noise Maker. We used this at home because we like having the sound of an AC or humidifier, but needed something for the in between months. Each place we travel has new sounds, but having the Dohm gives us a familiar, consistent sound each night. It also helps to drown out my husbands snoring too! ha! I usually bring this as a carry-on, however TSA loves to take a few extra looks at it!

4. Neat Hanging Toiletry Bag

After taking my toiletries out of zip lock bags and back in each time we go to a new location, I knew I needed a better solution. I found this awesome Neat Hanging Toiletry Bag. It has kept me organized, but also helps me to limit the amount of toiletries I bring along. Even though I originally had a bigger bag for my makeup, I put my everyday stuff in this bag, and sent the rest of my stuff home or threw it out! This became one of my favorite travel essentials after a friend of mine used one on a trip we took!

5. Clip on VicTsing Lens for cell phone

Let’s be real here. You NEED to take lots of pictures when you are travelling, especially when you visit some great National Parks! Even though my Samsung Galaxy takes excellent photos, I knew I could do better without buying a fancy camera. I found these VicTsing Lens kit on Amazon, and it changed everything! It is a 2 in 1 lens pack that allows you to take wide angled photos with your cell phone as well as really nice macro close ups. Some of my best photos were taken with my new wide angled lens! Check out this great post on more great ways to improve your travel photography!  

6. Hydration: Camelbak Bladder & Camelbak Hydration Pack

If you have been following our journey, you know that we have been doing a lot of hiking as well as getting outside to run and workout. The next few items have been part of my favorite travel essentials for hiking but also for maintaining a normal fitness routine. When going on a hike, you want to make sure you stay hydrated! It doesn’t matter  how long your hike is, you always want to make sure you have water on you. You COULD bring just a water bottle, but you won’t have use of both hands if you need them, OR you will have to stop, take your bag off, take the bottle out, and do the reverse. I prefer having a Camelbak bladder in any pack or a full Camelbak Hydration Pack when I hike. It is great because you have a straw right on your chest that you can sip on along the way. I found that it helps me stay more hydrated without having to chug water when I’m thirsty (aka too late).

7. Merrell Hiking Boots

As I mentioned in Arizona on Foot, it is important to have proper hiking boots or shoes for comfort and safety. I’ll admit, hiking shoes are not the most stylish thing you will ever wear. However, they will ensure comfort to your feet, great traction on difficult trails, and extra ankle support. I really love my Merrell Hiking Boots because they grip well, they are super comfortable and provide a lot of ankle support.

8. Fitness Bands

Tiago and I had been doing CrossFit for years, and we knew that going on this trip was going to mean giving up our regular routine of lifting. Obviously we were not going to lug around heavy weights with us, so I decided to purchase some Fitness Bands to keep up with a resistance training routine. Check out my book, The Female Vagabond’s Guide for Staying Fit on the Road, to learn many different ways to get a full body working in using these while traveling!

I hope you find my 8 favorite travel essentials helpful too, but stay tuned for new travel essential posts to come soon!


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