Never Hungry in Houston – So much good food!

Never Hungry in Houston – So much good food!

“Never go hungry in Houston!” This is something I said often in Houston. There are many different neighborhoods in Houston, filled with privately owned restaurants as well as well known chains, so whether you are looking for something new or familiar, Houston has it! Name a cuisine, there’s a spot near you for sure! After making a list of where we went, the list was pretty long! Here are some of the places we really enjoyed!


I’ve been told Texans love their brunch and that is perfect for me! Our first brunch was at Baba Yega, which has an excellent Sunday brunch buffet! It is in a beautiful old building with a serene courtyard garden. They had every type of brunch food you would want and more, and the pitchers of mimosa was also a great deal! Empire Cafe was our second stop which was a different feel where you find your own seat and order inside, and the eggs benedict was to die for! Most of the seating was well shaded outside, but they had indoor seating as well.

Drinks and Happy Hour

After walking by benjy’s on Washington on our way to and from the park we had to visit! I was judging the book by its cover, but I wasn’t wrong, it was a great deal! Classy environment, $3-$6 drink specials and I could have ordered everything off the food menu. We got the Brussels sprouts, sashimi, goat cheese cakes and flatbread, which were all equally great and plentiful. Howl at the Moon in midtown was a really fun dueling piano bar with fun bucket drinks for sharing. Apparently this is a chain across the country, which is great for people watching, bachelorette parties, and other celebrations!

Karbach Brewing Company is a must see! This is a popular beer that you will find everywhere in Texas! For $12, you get 3 pints of beer, lawn games, picnic tables, tours of the facility, and entertainment! There was also a Brazilian Churrasco food truck!


Tacos, tacos and more tacos! Too many to name, but here is where we frequented. El Rey Taqueria is a Mexican and Cuban eatery with cheap and delicious tacos, as well as a great Cuban menu. La Macro is a food truck, but they now have a restaurant that just opened on Washington. Food is cheap, authentic Mexican, and yum!

Tasty Arepa isn’t exactly tacos, but it is a Colombian & Venezuelan arepas truck. They park in the parking lot for Rebels Honky Tonk, music videos playing, and places to sit and eat! Velvet Taco certainly isn’t your traditional taco joint but it is certainly a trendy, interesting taco joint! Our favorite deal was their Monday “backdoor chicken” deal. You literally knock on the back door, give them a $10 bill, and you get a bag filled with a full rotisserie chicken, tortillas, hot sauce and 2 sides. Perfect cheap dinner!



Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ was something new for us. At this place, you order your meal and YOU cook it on a grill in front of you. Since we were a large group, we ordered the “meat lovers” meal that came with veggies and a variety of meats. Chama Gaucha was a Brazilian steakhouse that my former co-workers got us a gift card to. We’ve been to several churrascarias, but this one was the best by far. Great food is a given, but the service was top notch. Goode Co BBQ was recommended to us from a friend, and it was traditional Texas BBQ. It is cafeteria style, so when you first walk in, you are picking out the foods you want, you pay, and you eat! Great if you are hungry and need to eat right away!


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Never go hungry in Houston with many options for tacos, brunch, BBQ and more!


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