Ways to Stay Active in Houston

Ways to Stay Active in Houston

My original goal for this trip was to “not get fat,” but my husband said that was a stupid goal. I should have a more positive goal. Okay fine, I will get in great shape on this trip! Better? It is so important to stay active in general, but especially while traveling because chances are you will be eating out more, trying new foods, and possibly drinking more. For me, it has helped fight boredom, burn calories, and feel great!  We have found many ways to stay active in Houston by running, going to the gym, and/or taking yoga at least every other day, but usually more.

Well so far, this city has given us many ways to stay active, and most of which have been free! This is just what we have experimented with since we have been here!

Memorial Park

This was the first park we found, which has a 3 mile fitness trail. With a 1 mile walk from our place, 3 mile run around and a walk back, we get a little over 5 miles round trip. We have been using this as a way to acclimate to the heat, get Tiago running more, and staying active. The cool things about this park is it is a dirt foot trail with exercise stations along the way. We didn’t try these out, but this park also has a pool, tennis courts, golf course and driving range, basketball courts and more. Even though it was hot, running was one of the ways to stay active in Houston for us.

Buffalo Bayou Park

This park is much different than Memorial. Instead of it being the same trail all the way around, it is a long bike path, with “Kinder Foot Paths” that weave in and out. It is paved, so this was a challenge for us after running on dirt the whole time, but I found this park to be much more beautiful. It takes you all the way to downtown Houston, with memorials and fountains along the way. Another cool thing is watching the bats fly at dusk at Waugh Bridge!


Stronger Faster Strength and Conditioning

On our first day here, I couldn’t help but notice this place directly across the street from us. Their owner, Chelsea, answered my email very quickly and offered us 2 free classes. This was one of the best ways to stay active in Houston. On our first visit, she was very nice, introduced us to everyone, and we instantly felt at home like we did at ECC. This isn’t a crossfit box, but it definitely has a similar feel. The programming was on point, the members worked hard, and we all encouraged each other. We definitely were sore for a few days after! Going again tonight!


Joy Yoga 

I’ve always loved yoga, but never found the time to take classes. This was one of the great ways to stay active in Houston. Since this place was less than a mile away, I had to try it out. They had a very easy system online for viewing the schedule and signing up for drop-in classes. After my first class, I decided I would try out the unlimited first month option for $39. I figured even if I took 2 classes, I already saved $1! My first class was with Brittney, and it was awesome! She had a great way of making everyone comfortable, encouraging people to look around the room for inspiration in others, and to try new things! We did a lot of positions that were not familiar to me, which was perfectly fine! I was definitely sore the next day! Her music was really great too.

I returned today for my second class with a sub named Marissa. Her style was much different than the first, but much more like what I am used to. It was a straight forward class and it was a great way to start my day! She chose not to play music, and I can’t say I missed it! If you are in need of some yoga gear, check out some great deals on Gaiam.com! Save 15% Off Recover Products & Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $50 Using Code: RECOVER15 At Gaiam.com! Click Here!





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