“Training Wheels”

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Ok! We are about 2 and a half weeks into our journey and I didn’t want to leave you hanging! I wanted to write about everything right away, but then I didn’t want to form an opinion on a city too soon. I will save that for later! For now, I will give you the Cliff Notes version of our trip so far!

I’ve considered Houston our “training wheels” for our adventure. Why? Well this was a first stop because we are visiting Tiago’s cousin and husband who live here, as well as other family members from Brazil who came to visit. It has been nice hanging out at their house, going to dinner or brunch, and other fun things with them. It has also been nice having access to their car! We realize these luxuries will go away or change once we leave, but so far it has been like a vacation and/or training wheels.

Location – We rented an Airbnb on Washington ave in Houston. Location is KEY because we are half a mile from my husband’s cousin, short walking distance to CVS, a Mexican grocery store, at least 10 bars, a cell phone repair place (which we have already used), and many other restaurants. TACOS! There are also 2 parks within a mile from us too!

Airbnb – Like I said, our location is awesome, but the place we rented is great too. Booking was easy, the price was right, we have a private floor with our own bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room, and we have access to the living room and kitchen. The place is clean, has what we need, and really nice. Our host lives here too, but he works a lot, and give us our privacy. If you are looking to try out Airbnb, use this code and get $35 off your first stay! www.airbnb.com/c/aprilr871

How I fill my days – While Tiago works, I have been knitting, yes I’m a grandma now, being an awesome housewife providing breakfast and lunch every day (trying to be as healthy as possible), learning Portuguese on Duolingo, watching too much TV (hopefully I can kick this at some point), blogging, writing snail mail, doing pilates and mobility exercises, running errands, reading (which also leads to napping), and just chilling out. Boring so far, I know, but I think it is exactly what I needed.

Nights and weekends – After my husband is done with work, we have been doing walk/runs in the parks near us, and/or doing things with our family. We have visited many museums, the zoo, college football game, gone out for dinner, watched bats fly at night, Top Golf, went to Galveston for a few days and more!

That’s our trip so far in a nutshell. I will talk more about what we have done, people we have met, and the weird things in Houston later on! Be sure to check out some great places to eat and drink! 


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