My Review of a Great Backpack for Travel Bloggers

My Review of a Great Backpack for Travel Bloggers

For those of you who have been keeping up, I am a travel blogger who left my home in Connecticut to travel the US and beyond in search of our new home. I started blogging about our experiences for fun, and it has gradually become a new job for me! Being a travel blogger requires having to lug around tools for writing as we travel. For me, I like to make sure my laptop, notebook, and other valuables are on me when I travel. I would be in big trouble if any of these items got stolen from my checked bag! By keeping my travel backpack on me, I can store my laptop and other writing tools to get work done at the airport, bus station, or coffee shops. It is great because I can also fit my water bottle in the outside pouch, and also pack some snacks! Priorities!

Sizing it up!

I recently found this really cute bag at! It is not just nice looking, it is also really practical. For those of you who like to know numbers, it is 42x30x14cm (HxLxW) and can fit up to a 16” laptop. Another feature that is important to me, is that it has a hidden zipper inside with a protective bag. Do you know how many times I have spilled water or coffee on my bags in the past? Luckily my computer was fine, but my notebook got all damaged. With this bag, you wouldn’t have to worry about something like this happening!

backpack has protective lining to keep your belongings safe

Stylish Women’s Backpack

A great bonus to this women’s backpack is that it is actually quite fashionable! Most backpacks tend to be really sporty, and don’t always go with a nicer outfit, but this one does! It conveniently comes in 4 colors, black, grey, royal and watermelon red. I really love the leather strap accents and the canvas material as well

royal blue backpack

Whether you are a travel blogger, student, hiker, or someone that needs to bring a laptop to and from work, this bag is great for all of that. It has comfy straps for heavier loads, the perfect amount of pockets for different items, and is also quite fashionable! What is your favorite bag for lugging around your travel blogging needs?


A great backpack for female travel bloggers



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