Austin Eats!

Austin Eats!

Ok, I think this is finally my last Austin post! Haha! You will get some Florida later on! Sometimes we like to plan out where we would like to eat through Yelp, or recommendations from other people, and sometimes we like to randomly stumble on new places! We have found that some of these end up being absolutely amazing, so now I’m going to tell you all about them!

6th Street Finds

On our first night in Austin, we got to experience an early crowd on “Dirty 6th” street, but were not ready to get crazy that night, so we found Daruma Ramen instead! On another night, we went back to 6th st, and decided to visit the east side, or “East 6th,” which is a bit more hipsterish and less of the crazy crowd. You can learn all about the fun places to drink HERE. When we got hungry, we walked around looking for a food truck that caught our eye.

We walked by one food truck area, and a young man gave us a sample of an Al Pastor quesadilla which was so delicious. We decided to go down to their truck and check them out. Moi, who owns Savor de Moi, was the nicest man! He told us all about his food, ingredients, and how he could custom make any of the food for us. The food came out pretty quickly, it was so tasty and fresh, and Moi checked on us to see how things were going. We were very surprised to find out he had just opened this place a few weeks prior!

Snack Bar – South Congress

When we ventured to South Congress, my sister-in-law’s friend recommended Snack Bar, as it was going to be closing and opening under new management soon. This place was really cool and reminded me of…maybe a 50’s diner, maybe with servers on roller skates? Ok….my imagination is running away a bit, but since I like snacky foods, we decided to come here. We got the Brussel sprouts and fries to share, my husband got the meatballs and I got the yummy Souvlaki board for something healthy. I absolutely loved their sign out front that said “Wish You Were Here,” as I was starting to feel a little homesick, missing my friends and family. Sadly, they have closed and will be under new ownership.


Zilker Park, Holla Mode, and Barton Springs Finds

On one foggy day, we decided to head over to Zilker Park, with no set plans. What we didn’t realize was that it was SO big! We parked, and wandered aimlessly trying to find the Botanical Gardens, that we later found we needed to drive in to. As we left the parking lot we originally parked in, we had to take a right on to Barton Springs rd in order to turn around to get to the gardens. As we drove down the road, we saw a “Thai Style Ice Cream” called Holla Mode, that caught our eye. Our first question was, what does Thai style mean? So we decided to find out. It was soooo cool!

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They poured the coconut milk and ingredients onto a really cold stone, spread it out, and later used a knife to scrape the frozen ice cream into rolls. We were glad we got a little lost and found this gem. We also decided to walk down the street a bit more to explore the other food trucks and places along the way before we went to the Botanical Gardens. The gardens were really nice! I would imagine it would be even nicer in the spring time when things were more in bloom. Clearly, a lot of people love this place, because we saw at least 3 weddings taking photos here, and other people taking photos with professional photographers.

Longhorn Cavern State Park

Ok, this isn’t a place to eat, but it was another gem we stumbled upon. On Veterans Day, my husband logged in to work, got some things done, and after realizing that no one else was logged in, he asked if it was a holiday. YUP! It was Veterans Day, so he didn’t have to work, and we went to the Longhorn Cavern State Park! Our tour was led by Wayne, a US veteran, which is oh so appropriate! He told us all about the Civilian Conservation Corps who helped to clear the caves, the Native Americans who used to live there, the speakeasy that was down there during prohibition, and more. We even saw some cute little bats hanging out. I highly recommend coming here! Just be sure to purchase your tickets online:

Terry Black’s BBQ

Later on Veterans Day, we FINALLY found our way to a Texas BBQ joint in Austin! We had received SO many recommendations, but my husband was told to go to Terry Black’s BBQ, and based on his research, he knew this was the place. When we arrived, the sign on the door stated that they were out of a few of the items, but we really just wanted the brisket anyways! I got the jalapeno sausage and brisket, and mmmm it was good! The brisket seemed to melt in your mouth. I’m no pro, but my husband said it was the best BBQ he’s ever had…that’s saying a LOT!

Mai Thai

One night, we were in the mood to go downtown for happy hour and dinner, so we found a Thai place, since we were really in the mood for it. It was called Mai Thai, and it was really great, authentic Thai food. The only mistake I made there was ordering a plum wine, which I never had before, and it was just way too sweet for me! We got Somtum salad that we actually saw on the travel channel in Thailand, Tom Kha soup (my favorite….salivating as I type), and red curry which we split, knowing portions are usually pretty generous! Our waitress was so nice, made a few suggestions, gave us updates on when everything would be ready and answered all of our questions. If you are looking for traditional Thai, this is where you want to go!

Lucy’s Fried Chicken

The night we went to Little Long Horn Saloon, we went right next door to Lucy’s Fried Chicken. I am not a big fan of fried foods, but my husband was in heaven. For me, I only like to have maybe one fried item for a side or an appetizer. An entire meal of fried food is a bit much for me. We got the fried deviled eggs, pickles, chicken, peppers…and probably more. Again, not for me, but if you love fried food, this place is great!

VooDoo Doughnut

Now for the icing on the cake! On our 2nd to last night, we went to VooDoo Doughnut after the Patriots game at B. D. Riley’s. This place was originally opened in Portland, Oregon, but found its way to its sister city, Austin. I hope I don’t have an opportunity to come here anytime soon, because it is absolutely dangerous! I am afraid to guess how many calories were in each doughnut, but man they were good. Being around the election, they had some pretty fun donuts going on!

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This seriously only scratches the surface of all the great places in Austin, but it covers some of our favorites! There’s a long list that we never made it to, so I guess we will just have to go back!

There are so many great places to eat in Austin Texas! A must have is their BBQ!






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