Weird Things in Texas!

Weird Things in Texas!

Many of you know that we visited Texas for about 2 months. Houston was the first month, which I have already written about, and Austin. Austin was such a super cool place, and you will see many posts about Austin to come, but I wanted to do something fun since I got to Texas, and write about the WEIRD things in Texas! Starting from day 1 in Houston, we saw a few things that made us say, “Only in Texas!” This ended up being a trend, so I started collecting pictures and experiences for all the WEIRD things in Texas!

Weird Things in Houston!

One day, while walking down the street in Houston, and saw a Margaritas To-Go Drive Thru. WHAT?! You can literally get a frozen margarita to go in the drive thru.…up to 64 oz.! We also researched the Texas law about driving with open containers, and guess what…you can’t. WEIRD. What was even more weird, was that a mutual friend WORKED there! Nice way to cool down in the HOT summer of Texas!

I know I already wrote about this in the Never Hungry in Houston post but the Backdoor Chicken at Velvet Taco was WEIRD, but so cheap and delicious!
Right next to our condo was Pinks Pizza with this obscene logo. Too funny, but the pizza was pretty good and they had a great selection of beer too!















If you want to find more WEIRD things in Texas or anywhere else, check out Atlas Obscura. A friend recommended this to us, and we looked into places in Houston. One place that we had to see was the BEER CAN HOUSE! We visited on one of our last days and took some pictures since it was not open for tours that day. Must see!

Texas Renaissance Festival – I know that these exist everywhere, but I would imagine this is one of the bigger ones…I mean we ARE talking Texas aren’t we?! We drove out to Todd Mission, Texas to a huge fairground. This is a permanent setup that they hold each year early October through Thanksgiving. People go absolutely all-out for these things! It is hard to tell who works at the event and who is just attending, because everyone is in full character, whether it be medieval dress, barbarians, fairies, pirates, or vikings with costumes, accents, and medieval language to go along with the act. Eat, drink and truly be merry here! The place to party is certainly the pirate section, but want to hear some crude humor? Go throw the tomatoes at the heckler or see the Barbarian Bombshells!

Weird Things in Austin!

On our first night in Austin, we walked up and down 6th street to scope things out. I saw so many cool and WEIRD things. I’ll just leave these here for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to click on any photo to get a closer look!

One of the members from the Wheeler YMCA told us to go to the Little Longhorn Saloon in Austin on Sunday for chicken shit bingo. When I asked what it was, she said “just go and you will see!” We finally found a Sunday to go and try it out. We were advised to get there early, but since it was rainy, we were literally the first 6 people there.

Around 4, the band started playing, the place was packed, and then they announced it was time to get your bingo tickets. They hand out about 50 tickets for $2 each, and once all the tickets were sold, they brought out the chicken, put her in the coop, and everyone waited for her poop on their number! Absolutely bizarre and awesome at the same time. Oh, and they offered $2 Lone Stars with the riddle under the cap and free hot dogs too!

Thanks for reading my first blog that includes our awesome trip to Austin! There will be many more posts about Austin, because it is too amazing for only one or two posts! Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can get updates, and I also now have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages!

Some of the weird things you might find in Texas!


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