Great Eats in San Diego

Great Eats in San Diego

My original post about San Diego was going to be just one post, but when I realized all the great places we went to, I decided to make an entirely separate post on the great eats in San Diego for you foodies like us!


Tacos…have I mentioned tacos enough? Yeah, well I thought Texas was good…San Diego tacos are amazing,especially their fish tacos! The fish here is so fresh, so delicious and CHEAP! On the first night, we went to the Blind Burro. We both got margaritas and tacos, but they also offer unlimited homemade chips and salsa! Oh, I almost forgot to mention…the STREET CORN! You have to get it. I wasn’t sure what side to get and I asked for a recommendation, and she said the street corn was to die for…and she wasn’t lying! So yummy, create atmosphere, and wonderful service. So great, that we invited some new friends on our last night!

Some other taco places I would highly recommend are Oscars and Mariscos el Pulpo. Oscars has very inexpensive tacos, $5 FRESH deliciously fresh ceviche, and they give you a fish soup while you wait! Mariscos was just as good, but you can also get drinks there! We sat at the bar and watched the chefs cook up delicious tacos. I had the octopus and grilled fish tacos which were just the right size for me.

The Tipsy Crow

What does a Patriots fan do when she’s all alone on Football Sunday and the game gtd_venue_tipsy_logoisn’t on tv? Well you google a place to watch the Pats game of course! The Tipsy Crow was highly recommended for Pats fans. Apparently the owner is a huge pats fan and it is pretty exclusive! I walked in to a see of red, white and blue and Brady and Gronk jerseys. Instantly felt at home!

I stood awkwardly at the bar for awhile with my Sam Adams Octoberfest (they tried to offer me a bucket of beer for $18) but 5 beers was a bit overkill for just me! After scoring twice, and high fiving the guys around me, they introduced themselves to me. Pierre got the San Diego a month prior, and was currently in the military and Jeff just moved here 2 months ago from Hawaii. They too had just met at the bar, and we all had the Pats in common.

Bandar Restaurant

Bandar RestaurantΒ is known for their world famous chicken and man was it good! I bandarusually do not like to get chicken dishes out, because they tend to be dry and flavorless, but not here. This is a Persian restaurant, so we got a tasty eggplant
appetizer that was topped with yogurt sauce. We had this on pita bread that they also served. The chicken was served with a juicy grilled tomato and the chicken was so moist and flavorful from the marinade. I would love to try other dishes here.

El Prez

When I went to Pacific Beach, I saw a place with a rooftop bar that read “Tacos, tequila and sunsets.” This was a cool places a few steps off the beach, but with a great view. This is a cool modern Mexican themed restaurant (think sugar skulls, colorful Mexican blankets, and other brightly colored paint.) I got the you pick 3 tacos for $11 and a refreshing margarita! After this I walked down Garnet street, which is filled with bars and shopping!

Whiskey House

Looking for the best deal in town for drinks? We stumbled into the Whiskey House after our bike ride. How can you not stop at a place called the Whiskey House? For $5, my husband got a 24oz tall boy of PBR AND a shot of Whiskey. No joke. I found a bourbon drink called the Al Capone, which was yummy, strong, and only $5 as well! After looking at the wall… correction…WALLS filled with different kinds of whiskey, I asked the bartender, “What DON’T you have?” He then handed me a huge 38 page bible of spirits that they carried. In there, I searched for the expensive, rare stuff, and found a 23 year Pappy van Winkle for $299 a pour and a scotch for $1040 a pour. WHOA! They really do have it all! The food menu looked great too, but we were leaving for dinner soon.

Great eats and bars in San Diego's Gaslamp District


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