Finally Making Our Dreams Come True

Finally Making Our Dreams Come True

Ditch the Dream and be a Doer. Making your dreams come true.

I have created this blog to document how we made our dreams come true. My husband and I are pretty adventurous people. We like to try new foods, sign up for fitness crazy challenges, travel the world, take risks…but we are also big dreamers. On long hikes in the woods, we would talk about living abroad, starting up companies from a genius idea, quitting our jobs to travel, plans to pay off debt, etc. Deep down I knew that we could make any of these dreams happen if we really wanted to. The reality was that we probably would not, until now. We decided to stop dreaming, and make our dreams a reality.

In mid-2016, my husband was granted permission to work from home. Home. What does home mean? Connecticut, we decided, was not home for us. Sure, there are plenty of great people, things to do, places to see, but Connecticut we realized, was not going to be our forever home. We were never going to be able to live comfortably in this state, but where WOULD we want to live? There are many places on our list of “maybes” but most of which we have never visited. How could we move somewhere without ever visiting the place? With the flexibility of working remotely, we decided to pack up our belongings to travel the country for a year! What better way to see the places we might want to live, than live there for a short period of time? We are letting our dreams come true!

As I was packing up my apartment, I listened to the audio book by Shonda Rhimes, “The Year of Yes.” In the book, they have a live recording of her commencement speech for Dartmouth college. The advice was not to keep dreaming. It was to stop dreaming and DO! I found this to be so incredibly appropriate. This is EXACTLY what we are doing!

So this is where my blog begins! Adventures in packing, travel advice, info about the places we visit and people we meet, making money, and more. My initial goal was to journal about my trip to be able to reflect back on my adventures, but also to share with anyone else who wants to follow along! I hope you find this entertaining or helpful for your future travels! 

Making our dreams come true by ditching the dream and making it a reality. Setting out to travel for a year


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